Sunday, August 26, 2012

high school graduation

graduation day
I fold my program
into a fan
--Cara Holman

A nice crisp ku, everything that needs to be intimated is there in capsuled; and as well, all that Cara wants to tell us is stated; one gets the feeling of a deliberately written haiku, not the ones you agonize over: too many syllables, too cluttered, too vague; none of these issues, it seems plagued the writer; much like the action in Line Two, was this graduation story executed.
I picture the persona seated, with an inherent sense of knowing as to the proceedings going on around of her; and a kind of sated state overwhelms her, a done deal in her mind. She vicariously contains it all and folds it into an artful elementary action.

Well done Cara
gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/co ordinator

In the past, hand fans were used not only as cooling instruments, but also as convenient communication devices, mainly for transmitting more or less furtive love messages.

The Theme for the kukai was 'high school graduation'