Friday, August 16, 2013


moonless sky -
military raincoats hung
on a bamboo fence
--Rita Odeh Nazareth, Israel

The fragment appears first, with the intensity of commanding our attention; for us, she needs to throw some light on this matter, because we really don't know where she is going with this; a mystery resonated.

Line One sketches a drab scenery, universal in quality maybe, yes; we have all been privy to such nights; however what makes the haiku special to Rita is her resonating with raincoats of the militia; Rita hails from Israel a country now in turmoil, (a prayer and wishes for peace in her part of this planet is fitting here).

She juxtaposes a make shift fence, where wet coats hang, with an unwritten scene from life, where nothing seems permanent, is so much more understood; there is the dreary overhang of the ravages of social unrest and warring.
The actuality of this haiku can be raised to the dimension of a contempative chant, a wail from the belly of a haijin, wishing for the peace of stars and sun jeweled raindrops.

Well done Rita
--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

The kigo for the Kukai #44 was raincoat