Saturday, October 6, 2018

World Cup 2018

world cup final
the old couple holding
.--Stella Pierides Neusaess, DE and London, UK

Maybe to a lot of us when we hear World Cup, we think: football, feet, teamshirts, roaring crowds, stadiums pavlions... yes?
To Stella the trigger is endurance and contunity and abiding love. Yes, all of which is necessary; for the next, and the next, and the next World Cup.
In her haiku, Stella attends the macro and zeros in on the micro. In the midst of it all, the hype, the joys, the disappointments, here is a couple "holding hands" [in her phrase, of a most exquisite haiku moment]
And this is what haiku is all about; what most will ignore, the haiku poet arrests.

Well Done Stella

gillena cox; Founder/coordinator-Caribbean Kigo Kukai

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


refugee child
in his overcoat pocket
a Disneyland map
This haiku, written using 9 English words, just tugs at the heart in a big way. It zeros in to that place
in each and every one of us where we hold our dreams. Just like in the pocket of this child; who has no control,
no blame in his circumstances. It pokes at our vulnerability and cuddles our hope.
All this he does in, his syllables [16] held within the haiku standard. He presents in the English neoclasical
style of three lines.
For me this just whets the haiku appetite and leaves us wanting more such goodies from haijin.

Well Done Cezar

gillena cox; Founder/coordinator-Caribbean Kigo Kukai

pocket was the Kigo for this Kukai.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018


monarch butterfly
discovering how much
I have changed
--Christina Sng, Singapore

Christina relates to us the essence of contemplation. To be in tune with self to be honest and true to self. To understand the dynamism in our being. To grow, to change, just like our natural physical bodies undergo cell growth and change, so to our consciousness must tune in to this awareness of our actions, comprehension and desires to continue, to improve, to change when needs be.
Her juxtaposition of the Monarch is excellent. A haiku moment shared par excellence.
We see a beautiful end result and we know there have been stages and phases to get there. Just as our haiku writing takes us on a journey of knowing the rules observing the masters, developing our own style and staying respectful to our beginnings. This haijin knows that she has blossomed. She understands that she has grown her haiku wings. We wish her all the best in her haiku flights.

well done Christina
gillena cox, founder/co-ordinator CKK

The prompt for this kukai was introspection

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


waiting for gifts
in the beggar's hands
first snowflakes
--Cristina Apetrei Romania

This haiku is pertinent to the magic of Christmastime. When hearts are awakened in the contemplation of the birth of the Christ child, Messiah and saviour. He the greatest of all gifts given. And, his symbolic receipt of gifts as the lifting of humanity from our stable selves'.

Yes while we feast and celebrate, there are always those to whom we can extend ouselves to in giving.

One of the comments received about this haiku while in the vote and comment phase of the kukai was: "This picture is awakening our conscience. It calls to my mind the Andersen's fairy tale “The Little Match Girl”. How much so i agree, with the writer of this comment

Christina conforms to the Short Long Short line structure keeping her syllables within the 17 count, but does not rigidly hold to the [go shichi go] or 5/7/5 as the classical platform states. There is the use of fragment and phrase technique, with quite a surprise in her phrase [Lines 2&3]. We just didn't know, where she was going, after the [line 1] fragment.

WELL DONE Cristina
gillena cox, founder/co-ordinator CKK

The prompt for this kukai was gift

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