Saturday, March 10, 2018


monarch butterfly
discovering how much
I have changed
--Christina Sng, Singapore

Christina relates to us the essence of contemplation. To be in tune with self to be honest and true to self. To understand the dynamism in our being. To grow, to change, just like our natural physical bodies undergo cell growth and change, so to our consciousness must tune in to this awareness of our actions, comprehension and desires to continue, to improve, to change when needs be.
Her juxtaposition of the Monarch is excellent. A haiku moment shared par excellence.
We see a beautiful end result and we know there have been stages and phases to get there. Just as our haiku writing takes us on a journey of knowing the rules observing the masters, developing our own style and staying respectful to our beginnings. This haijin knows that she has blossomed. She understands that she has grown her haiku wings. We wish her all the best in her haiku flights.

well done Christina
gillena cox, founder/co-ordinator CKK

The prompt for this kukai was introspection

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