Friday, July 23, 2010


After months of this year's drought i can emphatise deeply with the persona going through Bill's summer rain; yet, keeping the umbrella closed, and wanting to soak it all up. Bill writes...

summer rain
my umbrella
--Bill Kenney

He takes us to the scene, and shows us whats happening; a nice crisp, curt haiku.
Each one of us in reading this haiku hankers back to a rain experience; not without the expectation of Bill's umbrella sharing,
He could very well have introduced the umbrella first, resonating with the downpour; but he choose a more curiosity arousing approach, and introduces an element of surprise keeping his umbrella for the haiku phrase.
Bill's haiku is credible, uncluttered and emotive; one of the writers in the kukai commented..."I like the way this haiku shows the poet prepared for a not-so-nice day, but then when it comes, finds joy in it instead."
There is a spontenaity that is quite refreshing in Bill's umbrella remaining closed; he prepares himself for the rain, by carrying an umbrella, his plan is not to walk through a downpour; but his freedom of spirit, taking wings, excites us with his haiku of impulse. He wants to be a part of this scenario, he wants to feel the rain; he wants to be drenched in this classical blessing; so his use of the kigo is one of a surprising delight; his "umbrella unopened"

Bill; Congratulations on your winning haiku

--gillena cox
coordinator; Caribbean Kigo Kukai

The theme for the kukai, was umbrella.

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