Thursday, September 30, 2010

blue bird

twilight shadows--
the flash
of a bluebird's wing
--Cara Holman; USA

This is such a familiar scene; i slip with ease into Cara's haiku, i wonder whether the familiarity had anything to do with her emerging into the winners slot; as her voters declined comments with their votes. But its not only familiarity that works well for this haiku; its the stuff that a good ku is made from.
The aha moment is easily achieved; and the reader settles into a haze of nuances.Through all the silhouettes of day's ending, there is a dash of colour visible enough in its instant to distract and to attract us. Something happens and its quick, and its enlivening; it happens amidst the wanning of light and the dying of day; Her choice of report for this event is simply stated ' flash of'
Just enough to whet our appetites; just enough to reel us into her contemplation of eventide. Nothing else is important at this particular instant; she has experienced something awesome, and so also have we; she has already caught us in a snare of awe. Just a glimpse of wing is visible as bird and day departs, it leaves us wanting more ...

Well done Cara

--gillena cox
coordinator; Caribbean Kigo Kukai

The theme for the kukai, was blue bird

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