Monday, March 21, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day...
only cup of tea
warms my hands
--Jacek Margolak; Poland

¸.•**•. ♥ ♥ ¸.•**•.¸

late Valentine's day –
the beggar still hums
an old love song
--Cezar-Florian Ciobîca; Romania

Both Jacek and Cezar have progressed the physical dimensions, in their co-winning haiku; they agree by intimation of the warming that love can bring; even though they both absent the much purported lover of the day. Space and time absorb both writers in their love contemplation; prescribed for this day.

Jacek achieves this in 12 and Cezar in 14 syllables.
Jacek provokes the touch sense, while Cezar appeals to memory.

There is a profound resonance in Cezar's poem by his skillful choice of 'late in Line 1 and 'still' in Line 2; love is lost but cunningly capsuled.
In Jacek's poem love's warmth is cleverly juxtaposed.

They both narrate a sad reality of the much sort after love; so much so, its given this international appeal.

Well done Jacek and Cezar

--gillena cox
coordinator; Caribbean Kigo Kukai

the theme of the kukai wasValentine's Day