Thursday, May 24, 2012


blossoming cherry trees
I ask the waiter
for a window table
--Marleen Hulst,The Netherland

When trees are blooming, our hearts are lifted in a special way. Here in the Caribbean its from green green to burst of colour. The particularly significant burst of pinks and yellows of the Poui are a delight to the busiest and the most unassuming, How could it not touch us. In Japan there is a whole culture of hanami, the gathering of friends and family groups to watch the cherry petals of the trees in bloom burst open, then sail with the wind as they fall. In short blossoming trees are part of our conscious approach to delightfulness.
Marleen in her haiku takes this aesthetic consciousness to the next level. The persona asks to be placed in a position of this sphere of delight, its important enough not to want to miss it, its important enough to want to be in that plane of delight as long as this phenomenon is happening. Her haiku structure is peculiar rather than generic, she opts for a 6-5-6 form rather than 5-7-5; she personalises the expression of consciousness and as well the haiku presentation. This haiku resonates two levels of satiety, in the trees she will be viewing, as she eats the meal that will be served to her. Its not just about happening, no; her ku is loaded with anticipation. And into this drama of cognizance of 'the yet to be realised' we are catapulted. The action of this haiku is subtle, but carries a heightened sense of reality.

Well done Marleen
gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/co ordinator

The kigo was blossoming