Friday, November 2, 2012

The Olympic Games

high diver
at the platform's edge
--Bill Kenney, USA

The Olympic Games was the theme for this kukai ; for which Bill's haiku emerged as the winning haiku. Olympic Games for participants as well as supporters connotes tension. There are the final goodbyes after all the medalling, tears and disappointments quickly transitioned into the expectations of the next four years. No doubt there is tension in waiting, in training and in hoping.

Bill heightens the reader's expectations in this haiku by taking us to the top of a divers platform; our senses as readers are at peak. At the edge is where, he skillfully pulls ever fibre of nerve in us readers, to the hush; where all is left now to the cord of expertise and fate; which binds diver, sky, water, supporters in a magical few moments.

How well Bill's skilfully crafted haiku resonates all of this in choice and placement of thought, theme and presentation. Pivoting haiku and reader at Line Two's platform.

Well Done Bill