Monday, May 19, 2014

music competition

child guitarist -
a mother's hand
behind the curtains
--Ajaya Mahala

incomplete orchestra -
the missing leaves
of the poplar
--Eduard Tara, Romania

neighbour's triplets-
each one an octave higher
than the other
--Yesha Shah, India.

The above three haiku proved to be the crop of CKK #48, chosen above others as the pick for number one placed winner.
How are they similar as winners? what makes them different from the rest? These are some of the questions i entertained a i approached my commentary.
Well for starters, all three crafted juxtaposition into their haiku, there is mystery, there is surprise. There are stories well told in their minimilistic mode, yet each inviting, and allowing the reader to peer deeper into, getting involved with the writer.

We can see that 'child guitarist' we can sense the anxiety, maybe the child's palms are sweaty; and look behind the curtain, where the audience cannot see. We are privy, because of the writer's skill, to see to know, the wonderful comforting hands of the mother are there.

Then lets look too at the mystery of the missing leaves; everyone loves a mystery, when presented with one, immediately we put on our detective hats and head out to collect clues, just like in the case of Eduard's haiku. Is it autumn, the natural time of falling leaves? were those leaves blown off by strong stormy gales? and the haiku's background music plays on, creating just theright atmosphere of drama.

The crescendo of Yesha's haiku, can be aesthetically enjoyd bringing smile to our lips as the picture of these children surely in their natural instinctive mode of infancy, or child's play, or concert performance is quite, appealing; yet enough is given, yt enough space left to wonder

Have we figured out the intrigue of any of these three haiku. What is, and what isn't, plays a serious hand here adding depth to our appreciative reading of these 3 winning haiku.

Well done! Ajaya, Edward and Yesha
--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

The Theme was 'music competition'


  1. Thank you so much Gillena for having made a nice reflection on the haiku... Very rarely it so happens that both figurative and literal meanings roughly converge at the same focal point... This has been so with "hand behind curtains"... The haiku of Eduard Tara" and Yesha are nice and so are your comments ...

  2. I enjoyed reading your feedback, Gillena, as I enjoy taking part in these competitions.

  3. Ajaya, thanks for stopping by with your after-words

    much love...

  4. Thanks Rita, you the players of the kukai make it a success

    much love...

  5. Thank you Gillena! Really enjoyed reading your commentary on the winning haiku.