Monday, July 27, 2015


windy day-
the dance of a bee
deep in a bud
--Rita Odeh Haifa Israel

We are greeted with movement, for Line One presents us with a windy day. So many possibilities before we read on: hats can be blown off, umbrellas blown away, leaves in whirligig and blossoms falling; all this and more can be crammed into a day of gusts.
However, Rita zeroes in on a bee in a flower. The sweetness of its feeding, the offering of sustenance , knowing the right flower to approach. Precision, knowledge, sustenance, delight all of these issues are snapped into this little haiku, an unusual happening, a common place happening; yet, a haiku to makes us pause read and reread, and kukai players to vote to first place. This is not the conventional five seven five beat. but rather the modern day free syllabic counted haiku, which so many of us prefer to write these days.

Thanks you for this offering Rita, Well done.
-gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

haiku prompt dance revisit the
results of this kukai

[Commentary for the February 2015, last Monthly Caribbean Kigo Kukai, Kukai #56;]

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