Wednesday, September 14, 2011


planting rice
the child on her back
soothed by song
--Marleen Hulst; The Netherlands

Those who commented on this haiku zeroed in on the basic uppermost theme of bonding; and i too, am swayed by this relationship spell of the unstated but presumed mother child companionship in the rice field; the setting presents the hope of nourishment; sustenance and furtherance to that love bond; we are taken further on the strains of her song to hungers sated not only for this child but to a world which will also be fed because of her back bent in supplication to the palate of so many, unawares of a meal first created in a song of love
She uses no kireji; her two images are clear and concise; the juxtaposition, stands on its own measure, of the progression of Marleen's direction of this scene. There is no surprise, there is no intrigue, only an esoteric binding cord; working hands, bent back, and care giving; crafted into a haiku, the likes of which the group nominated winner

Well done Marleen

--gillena cox
coordinator; Caribbean Kigo Kukai

the kigo was rice

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