Thursday, July 4, 2013


in her hair
a white gardenia--
the thrill of tango
S.E. Herrin: Des Moines, Iowa

Tango, a dance for two; full of passion, energy and expression; yet still, elegant and dramatic.

The fragment and phrase of this haiku is as multifacted in its duality as the dance itself. There, a happy juxtaposition of passion and elegance. Very specific, her gardenia is a white flower, a truce in the sometimes associated quarrel of the tango dance language. Here again the duality, the juxtaposition of the writer's thought in composng her haiku, resonates.

How easily we find ourselves in step with the rhythm of this poem, striding the haiku dance floor; but our flower is well placed, securely pinned and stays.

There is enough space, for us as readers of the haiku to fill in our own aspects of this tale, hopefully, the purity of the gardenia, blossoms into a love story.

Well done S.E.
--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

The Theme for the Kukai #42 was flower

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