Thursday, October 3, 2013


migrating birds --
all the colors of
my skin
--Angie Werren, USA

Migration introduces in a powerful way, this haiku of variety and sameness; though the mood reminds me of Michael Dylan Welch's famous 'tulip festival' haiku, still, it presents a freshness of idea and quality. Its transcending quality skews into a methaphorical realm; yet it retains the simplicity and exactness of its Asian genre.

There is the expansiveness that is of the continent of Africa, with its varieties of tribes, clans, cultural practises; yet the "skin" of the connotative Africa becomes a hope of humanity and a universality of borders.

Like a skilful haiku magician, she dips into the hat, and pull the surprise out of nature "migrating birds"

Well done Angie
--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

The theme for the Kukai #45 was afrocentric


  1. thank you, Gillena!

    I'm humbled by your commentary -- and I absolutely adore that image of dipping into the hat and pulling out birds. wonderful!!

    thank you again.


  2. Again, congrats on your winning CCK #45

    much love...