Monday, November 25, 2013


action film--
my baby's kick
in the sonogram
--Arvinder Kaur,Chandigarh,India

What about this haiku makes it so special, that it emerges the kukai winner? Everyone goes soft when a baby enters the scene? I doubt it. It has to be much more than that. its the set up, I think. It has to be.

Line1 takes us to a place of expectations; in this place, there is darkness, yet everyone is concentrating on a source of light, there is the prescribed consensus of quiet, yet everyone's knows, this rule will be broken, there's food, specifically popcorn and sodas. So here's the pitch, Arvinder takes us there via the Line one's phrase, but nothing of the sort happens, by the time we understand, that we have been conned, the juxtaposition hones in and we are caught in the life drama of a new life happening.

Aha! now it is that we ourselves want to peer into that machine and share in the wonder of a scene so real, yet unreal to us as the haiku audience. Its reality becomes fixed only when we accept Arvinder's fragment surprise, and allow our selves to resonate in the sensation of the cinemascope, that is presented to us in this capsuled moment. The click of a camera will freeze the moment, the aesthetic of haiku take us there again and again, without losing the dynamics of this precious scene.
Arvinder's haiku appears like a sedoka, with the second and third lines being of the same length, and the go sichi go (5-7-5) meter is not adhered to. For those of us who like counting syllables, the haiku stays within the 17 syllable, using a count of 12.

Well Done Arvinder

--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

The theme for Kukai #46 was film

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