Sunday, June 29, 2014


boy in the puddle
splattering around
his own piece of sky
--Gabriel Sawicki (Poland)

The first word of Gabriel's haiku wields a breaking down effect, lifting years off the reader, reverting the reader to days of childhood. What this era held for us, is in no way debatable or questionable. Why! because as we progress to the Line 3 fragment of his haiku, we grow into his space of wonder. A puddle small enough, to contain the vastness of sky, and the child-like exclusion of everyone else. He makes this little miracle his own. This moment, he captures, he conquers, he owns. It is as large, as he wants it to be and as magical as his child's mind conjours it to be. What freedom, what magnificence, what a great haiku. The players of kukai #51 surely agrees.
Gabriel used the three line form, without placing a caesura, so the pause it left up to the reader; and a 5 - 7- 5 syllable meter is used. As well, Line1 pivots with both Line 2 and Line 3; and can therefore be read as Line1 / Line2, or as Line1 / Line3.

Well done Gabriel
--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

The kigo was splatter


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  2. Gillena, thank you very much for taking the time to comment that haiku. Really nice feedback.

  3. will u post my geopolitic haiga just sent by email for a friendly talk ?

    1. Stops you can post it at the CKK facebook group page

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