Friday, May 15, 2015

word play

picnic -
butterflies and
flies in the butter
--john mcdonald Ediburgh Scotland

This delightful little haiku was written in response to the haiku prompt "word play" given for the fifty second kukai.
The scene is light and outdoorsy. Line One introduces with one word, a setting where so much fun can be provided: for family, for friend, for lovers. It connotes grassy green spaces, trees, food, gingham spreads, crumbs and ant trails.
Then comes - in the phrase, the care free; he introduces, butterflies. What can be more carefree than butterflies, what can be lighter and more whimsical than butterflies. However John's butterflies fly by not only for whimsy but also for wit, he catches his butterflies and offers them, trapped in butter along with some flies, adding repetition to good measure. LOL, word play indeed.
The kukai players loved this little delight into First Place.

Well done John;
--gillena cox
Caribbean Kigo Kukai - founder/coordinator

Haiku prompt "word play" revisit the results for this kukai

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