Thursday, June 3, 2010


carnival in Venice -
my shadow puts on
a mask
--Jacek Margolak;Poland

In quite an alluring way, Jacek brings us into the sunlight of Venice, and throws us into the theatre of the street; "my shadow" he says; " puts on a mask"; and too, immediately our curiosity is aroused as we read the word 'mask'. There, out in the street, is mystery and gaiety and fun; intimated by his introductory word "carnival". Who could resist this invitation to revelery? He has seduced us with three words--carnival, shadow and mask. This haiku does not conform to the neoclassical 5-7-5, structure but rather, flows with the writer's impetus, He uses a kireji after Line 1, but really, his fragment and phrase, is so well defined, the kireji could have been left out; but its being there, makes for a good visual. And he does it all in 13 syllables. Good job Jacek.
We in Trinidad and Tobago are egocentric about Carnival; we pride ourselves, and without blinking an eye, boast about our festival in the hot sunshine; our carnival of colour and rthymn; yet, Jacek's haiku lured me into googling the Venice Carnival.
Here are 2 links which give yet another taste to compliment this fabulous haiku.
Venice Carnival
Carnevale di Venezia
And a here's a link to
Trinidad Carnival

Thank you Jacek; and thank you all of the other fifteen writers, in this, another successful kukai.

--gillena cox
coordinator; Caribbean Kigo Kukai

the theme for the kukai was carnival

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