Monday, June 7, 2010

kite flying

a small boy struggles
with the dragon kite
--Rafal Zabratynski

'Struggles' the disiciple of overcoming, the guru of achievement. We all have, i think, at some time taken on a project which seems to be at the time, someting bigger than ourselves, testing our limits against the odds.
The opening line sets the stage for struggle which resonates so well in Line 2; even before the kigo is introduced, we know this is no simple kite, its a kite to test a boy's openess to bigger things, its a progress venture, an adventure; much like writing our first haiku within a sea of jutaxpositions, credibilities, AHAs, syllables, kires and all the other turbulences; but our eagerness and willingness takes us through wave by wave.
This is certainly a tug at the heart kite ku. with the use of the qualifing term 'small' not just a boy; but a small boy; the writer takes us into the scene and we stand riveted, watching, we want to see the outcome; does the kite eventually become air borne; this is a nice way to whet the appetite, to tease the reader. Who wins this struggle, dragon or boy? which ever; Rafal is certainly our winner this time around; Well Done Rafal; we look forward to more of your intriguing haiku

--gillena cox
coordinator; Caribbean Kigo Kukai

the theme for the kukai was kite flying

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