Wednesday, June 2, 2010

good luck foods for the new year

In the compendium of new beginnings, which the New Year offers, there is the detail of food. Why not strengthen ourselves, with a mind to improving situations, along with our resolutions to improve our lives? ...more
This kukai; kukai number nine, emerged a winner who paid attention not only to the people in her family but also to her pet

new year's day
the smell of pickled herring
on the cat's breath
--Cindy Tebo;USA

Begining anew with attention to one's pet; there is a pertinent humanitarian quality here; one of caring, not just on the level of human to human , but of wider acceptance and inclusion, of a pet in the family
Feeding the family maybe an everyday act , but feeding the pet is an extension of caring in any family.

A truly AHA moment of haiku recorded

I was reading recently from WHR, a section of cat pet haiku the section is titled ' My Left-handed Black Catby Atene Kawasaki/ Haiku about by friend after the death of his wife' and the poem that was particularly striking for me was the one in which he questions himself about the situation of others of his cats family; this one the lucky one having strayed into his life;

kogarashi no naka ka koneko no chichi-haha wa

of this kitten...are they exposed
to bitter winter wind?
--Atene Kawasaki as per WHR; Volume 8 Issue 1 - January 2010; copyright

For me this poem resonated well the isssue of caring also subthemed in this CKK's Number nine's winning Haiku
Best Wishes for the New Year; Thanks to all for maikng Caribbean Kigo Number Nine Kukai a success;much love

--gillena cox
coordinator; Caribbean Kigo Kukai

The theme for the kukai was food traditionally considered to bring good luck for the new year


  1. Wonderful Idea, Gillena, to put them in a special place here !